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FPM-Fish Processing Machine


Seac AB are one of the main supplier of fish processing machines in the world and we are world leading in “very small fish”. Our fish processing machines are designed for H&G+T; filets and “belly cleaned” fish – mainly from pelagic (shoal) fish.




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The machine for HG+T production
with highly increased yield. The nobbing machine SEAC FPM-200 was designed to produce HG+T from pelagic fish.


This machine is a combination of the nobbing machine SEAC FPM-200 and a filleting unit SEAC FPM-350.


The automatic feeder SEAC FPM-500 was designed for the automatization of the fish processing machines SEAC FPM-200 and SEAC FPM-400. It includes hopper, elevator, return conveyor and guiding unit.

Fish Processing Machine

With our “mechanical gutting system” and our ” individual head measuring device” we ensure increased yield and high accuracy in our machines.

Agents around the World


Seac AB have a network with agents and partners all over the world. This makes us a close and reliable world wide partner with a quick and reliable „after-sale-service“.

Fish Species

Seac AB are continuously testing “new” fish species in our FPM machines. Fish from all over the world have been and will be tested in our worksho

p in Sweden – from Australia in the east to Peru in the west

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Industrigatan 8, 386 32 Färjestaden, Sweden

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Seac AB

Seac AB

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