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This machine is a combination of the nobbing machine SEAC FPM-200 and a filleting unit SEAC FPM-350. The SEAC FPM-400 has the best features of both machines — the efficiency of its work and the ease in maintenance. It is designed with modern materials and meets all European quality and security norms and regulations.

SEAC FPM-400 can process a number fish species with similar body shape, such as herring, smelt, sardine, sardinella, etc. When the filleting unit is switched off, the machine works in the mode of HG+T production.When the filleting unit is switched on, the machine produce butterfly fillet or, if the fish is big enough, single fillet.

Capacity of the machine is 150 – 320 fish per minute depending upon the tray’s size and operator’s skill.

2019 SEAC AB did the ”World Record”in this machine by filleting and belly-cleaning spats down to 5/6 gram in full weight!!

Technical information

FPM-400 is our standard nobbing and filleting machine. Stainless steel is used to maintain sufficient protection against corrosion. We use only high standard parts and well known suppliers such as SKF etc. If any questions regarding our machines and specification please contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.

  • Electrical Consumption            2.75 KW
  • Electrical connection                3×230/400V AC 50Hz
  • Water consumption                 23 l/min
  • Water pressure constant        3 kg/cm2

Small size – Specific size part used to process small sprat and anchovy.

Single fillet – Option for bigger fish

BC – Belly cleaning

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